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Provide automation to your financial accounting via odoo

Odoo is the open source business application that protects all your company requirements such as e-commerce, CRM, accounting, the point of sale, inventory, and project management, etc. It is effortless to use and install for your organization. Accounting is one of the difficult tasks to do in the business, particularly for small-size business. Today, proper accounting management device is one of the necessities for mid and small-sized business.  Each company requires financial management and accounting system. Today, it is a straightforward task to do accounting in business with the help of Odoo software. Some primary tasks contained are financial statement generation, bookkeeping, reporting, summing of financial transactions and some other related works.

Odoo is one of the most powerful accounting software, and it comes with many features such as integrated analytic, budgeting, and accounting, assets, ledger management, and managing several companies data in one place. Odoo is one of the most productive accounting software around the world, and that is well-designed to permit every kind of business. Creating balance sheets, cash flow statements and earning reports are now easier.

Odoo Accounting and Finance Modules:

Accounting is one of the major parts in any business those who organize their payments, cash flows, and other relevant things every day.  An accounting module is necessary for a business to keep track of their revenue.  Odoo analytical accounting module will help you to track your expenses and incomes in the best manner. Each mid or small size organization have kept the clear budget to organize their business. Payment management module comes when your business requirements to pay for goods or services or any small thing purchased from suppliers. Therefore, the Odoo payment management module permits you to organize all type of the payments which you require to pay to your suppliers or parties.

Each big or small-size business performs their activities purchase assets. An asset is nothing but that is a supportive product which assists you to run your organization for manufacture industries. Each team holds the bank account to organize their money and other investment of business. The bank interface module is one of the main parts of ERP system, especially in Open ERP or Odoo Bank interface module reduces a double entry.

Accounting& Finance Services:

Odoo finance management system is one of the best solutions and has it automates all financial processes and functions through the application. This type of the software offers all the processes and duties of off the shelf financing and accountancy software like Tally and QuickBooks as well as for special features. Odoo Financial and Accounting management system are integrated with other system modules such as Project Management, Sales, and Purchase. An entire accounting method is incorporated with invoices, projects timesheets, etc.

The Accounting and Finance services use the best resources and tools to ensure their clients to get the best accounting and financial solutions. They provide best services to organize all their financial capabilities under one r. Odoo accounting and financial software have a smart user interface, and this assists the accountants to record the account easily and quickly. The software also has an easy and quick payment system that works with the bank interfaces to rectify the debt quickly. If your organization needs any help in financial accounting management, then you hire the professional to automate your finance and accounting system. They will help you to get best solutions to your finance and accounting system, and they will make it as possible.

Get Paid Easily and Quickly:

Odoo software provides easier invoicing features that help you to send an electronic invoice to clients and get payments in online. Invoice or invoicing management is one of the best parts of any medium, big or small-sized companies since you buy products, you market goods and services to clients around the world. The Odoo software can be directly linked to your bank account statement, so you don’t have to switch back to any other online services for getting payments. You have just to create the invoice and then set automate reminders. It will automatically create invoices for delivery orders, sales orders and material expenses. Then, you send it to your clients for the faster payments in a possible manner.

Powerful KPIs and Dashboards:

Odoo software permits you to examine your finances and thus will keep track of your business activities. Odoo brings you access to insightful transactions in the form of customizable reporting and Dashboards services. The dig deeper into your finances will drill-up, drill-down, drill-across and refine transacting services. An Integrated analytic accounting with the main modules such as invoices, expenses, projects and timesheets permits automated posting of an entry in a real-time follows  of your organization rules, so you don’t have to enlist statement manually.

Shape with Productivity:

Odoo software keeps each kind of business whether it may be large or small multinational. The companies like Hyundai, Danone, and Toyota are utilizing the Odoo for its flexibility and cost benefits. Odoo is fully featured analytic software that permits both of your organization andWorkers. You can easily organize your track expenses, control budgets, assets with just a few clicks to keep your organization running smoothly. Odoo provides multi-currency support, several users with various access rights and multiple companies.

Managing your Finance and Accounting in Odoo:

Finance and Accounting modules integrate with ERP systems to manage and report business transactions. In many open ERP systems, the financing and accounting module is built around the structure known as a chart of accounts. Thus, chart of auditors manages transaction group into categories such as income, assets, liabilities, and expenses. An open ERP system offers a lot of flexibility in defining the structure of your chart accounts to meet the particular needs of your organization. An accounting transaction is grouped by a date into periods for reporting purposes. This type of the report is most often called as a financial statement.  The financial statement contains income statement, balance sheets, statement of owner’s equity and cash flow statements.


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