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Odoo VS Magento

Using Odoo – Magento Connector

Odoo is a full-fledged ERP and Magento is fully developed E-Commerce Platform. It gives you the power of two worlds. Both have been in market for a long time and have proven their worth across the globe. By using connector, we import orders, invoices from Magento and export them Odoo. From Odoo, we update the stock records, enter products and update invoices.

With the recent updates in the system, high end products such as Bundled Products and Configurable Products can also be synced in 2 systems.

You can make use of PHP Template to design Magento Stores. There are a number of templates available to provide beautiful designs for the same.

The only downside here is the syncing part. At present, connector can sync more than 10,000 orders a day. However, it is not the real time processing. So unless the system is synced, the orders will not be visible in Odoo. Also, the team has to manage 2 systems simultaneously, which is also cumbersome tasks for some.

Using Odoo E-Commerce

In Odoo E-commerce, the upsides are that we have an E-Commerce directly built from the ERP system. So a product will be visible on the store on a click of a button. The data is real time. So if you had the stock updated in physical store, your client knows that it is ready for purchase. The drag and drop features in building of Website brings an easiness to develop websites.

The downsides here are that since Odoo has not fully developed into E-Commerce store, some customizations might be needed to handle various types of products and bring it par with Magento.

Moreover, the templates are written in QWeb templating engine. This sometimes can be an issue while working on a specific requirement.

In usability aspect for backend team, Odoo E-Commerce is more easy to use compared to using connector.

The idea on which platform to choose depends on:

  1. Expected number of orders in a day
  2. List of products and type of products (all the variants are to be counted as separate products)
  3. Features required on web store (such as Payment Gateway integrations, SMS Integration, etc.)
  4. Website design
  5. Features required in the system other than E-Commerce (Accounting, Orders Management, Dispatch, HR, etc.)

Features Odoo Comparison

 Product Management Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Catalog Management
Configurable Products(Variants, Attributes, etc.)
Product Inline Page Builder
Digital Products
Product Reviews
Recurring Products(Subscriptions) extension
Inventory Management
Barcode Support extension
Product Demand Forecasting
Stock On Hand
Stock Available
Supply Chain extension
Return/Exchange Management
Shipment Tracking
Backorders Management extension
Multiple Warehouses
Purchase Management extension
Inventory Reports
 Design Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Drag & Drop Page Builder (Building Blocks)
Responsive Web Design
Auto-Generated Sitemaps
Customizable HTML/CSS
Available Themes 21 802
eCommerce Usability
Breadcrumb Navigation
Site Search Engine
Sorting of Search Results addon
Multiple Pictures per Product
Bulk Image Upload
Bulk Product Import/Export
zHierarchy of Categories
 Customer Management Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Cart Abandonment Tracking
Persistent Cart
Customer Portal
Buy Without Signup
Customer Testimonials
Customer Contact Form
Customer Order History
Customer Specific Prices
Live Chat on Website
Affiliates Management addon
Wish List addon
 Shipping Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Custom Shipping Rules
Flat Rate Shipping
Label Printing
Gift Wrapping Option
Free Shipping Options
Weight Based Shipping
Shipping Connectors: DHL extension
Shipping Connectors: UPS extension
Shipping Connectors: USPS extension
Shipping Connectors: FedEx extension
 Promotion & Marketing Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Email Auto Response
Email List Management
Drag & Drop Mail Designer
Affiliate Program Support
Coupons & Promo Codes
Reward Points
Discount Management
Customizable Email Templates
Integrated A/B Testing extension
Gift Cards addon
Product Ratings
Product Bundling
Product Comparison addon
Up-sells in Shopping Cart extension
Cross-sells on Product Pages
eBay Marketplace Integration extension
Amazon Marketplace Integration extension addon (coming soon)
Private Sales
Site-Wide Banner Advertising
Integrated SEO
Inline SEO Suggestions
Optimized URLs
Link Tracker
 Sales management Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Sales Reports
Search Reports addon
Data Import
SSL Support
Integrated Invoicing extension
Multi-Store Support
Taxes by Country/State
Advanced Taxes: Fiscal Positions
Payment & Pricing Features
Payment Gateway: Redirect
Payment Gateway: Server 2 Server
Recurring Payments
PayPal Integration
Multi-Currency / Multi-Providers
 Reporting Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Sales Report
Inventory Reports
Subscription KPIs (MRR, Churn, etc.)
Google Analytics Integration extension
Sales Summary Reports
Site Search Report
Report Engine
Dynamic Graphs extension
Dynamic Pivot Table
Customizable Dashboard
Export Report to Excel ✓1
 Productivity & Usability Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Ability to Add Fields in Backend
Ability to Add Fields in Front-end
Users Satisfaction
Brand Visibility (Google Trends) **** *
Full Web Interface
Fast Backend (Ajax)
Responsive Backend
Apps Store 94,201extensions 7,300apps 1
 Usability Magento Enterprise Odoo Enterprise
Implementation Cost
Ease of Setup * ****
Ease of Use * ****
Reports Flexibility *** *****
Speed / Scalability1 ** ****
CDN By Default

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