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About Us

Odoo is an enterprise solution which contains a lot of ERP modules and submodules. This is a centralized ERP solution for various industry vertical which constitute of several integrated applications like, Sales and CRM, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Project, Human Resource, Accounting with tight integrity. Odoo is targeting all small and mid size industry to get them helped by providing best in class open source ERP. Odoo is successfully used by Media Industry, Newspaper Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Retailers, Exporters and Importers, construction industry, Engineering Industry, BPOs, Schools and Colleges, Restaurants, Healthcare Industry, Hospitals and many more industry verticals.

The main programming language is python and the main database is PostgreSQL. Due to its open source nature we can develop and distribute any number of applications free of cost as product. We have some facts, those are empowering odoo database due to:

Maximum Database Size – Unlimited

Maximum Table Size – 32TB

Maximum Row Size – 1.6TB

Maximum Field Size – 1GM

Maximum Rows per Table – Unlimited

Maximum Columns per Table – 250-1600 depending on column type

Maximum Index per Table – Unlimited

Odoo is a company from Belgium, which is pretty amazing that this is quite young company compared to big competitors like SAP but they already have 2Million users. Big companies like “Danone” using this software solution for their daily business.

Now, What odoo can able to do exactly? Lets have a general understanding of odoo is centralized solution to manage your all departments. It constitute of several applications which we can say modules. With the ease of few clicks you can install desired modules like for an instance if you install website builder and this app is able to build desired website. The best part is every thing is on backend and you do every thing by single software. And like website builder we have many more modules like Purchase, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Project management, Human Resource, Accounts and many more.

Why Odoo is different?

Odoo is very user-friendly due to its mind-blowing GUI, Screen-flows, and workflows which makes this it easy to adopt by any industry vertical users.

Inter applications integrity makes it more successful even in complex Installations. Odoo provides such a flexibility to give an ease of scalability at any sustainable or non-sustainable situation as per growth of your company, you can install or keep adding modules as per your business growth and need.

Odoo is thankful to opensource community, as due to its opensource nature we have large developers base in community and intern this product’s features improves like any thing.

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Benefits of Odoo Development!

Zero license Costs

Ultimate flexibility -No“blackbox”package.

No vendor lock-in - Using standard data formats and protocols


Controls all your innovating processes

Start playing with our demo data and be ready to work.


Powerful object level user rights

Less risk Future of system not tied to one company.