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Telephonic missed call integration with odoo CRM

It does not always happen that your business should have face-to-face meetings. Sometimes it can be via telephone calls, email communications, or even through other internet means. In today business world, the email communication and conference calls have become one of the major parts of communication. These communication channels make you have a good relationship with your partners and customers. In business, many teams are working in virtual teams, so it heavily depends on technology. To reap fruitful results, adopting the right technology is one of the great ways.

This what similarly happened with the online communication. With the introduction of email clients, the online communication world has become very comfortable now. In the business world, it provides a right path for secure communication. In addition to its email features, Odoo offers many other facilities for their customers. Hence, your business communication has shifted to much better technology now. Even it has become more productive with Odoo with all the contacts being integrated with your telephone.

Telephone Open ERP integration:

If you want to improve your business growth using Open ERP, then you can choose one among many options. To solve multifaceted problems of your business, it does not mean that you have to buy costly ERP. Oracle and SAP are not only ERP’s available in the market. However, there are more Open ERP’s available that can help your business running properly. For an ERP success, you should have a clear cut plan and goal.

When you are truly thinking for an Open Source ERP, then Odoo is considered the best in the industry. Odoo serves almost all the features and functionalities a business may need. Odoo is also known as OpenERP that is a suite of the business management application. This application can target business of all sizes. The application is moving into next levels with the release of newer versions along with improved functionalities.

Alongside with functional aspects, it also offers the outstanding features with better user experience. This application suite comprises of accounting, billing, production, storage management facility, buying, and job management. Odoo CRM and telephone integration service are very useful for a service regarding improving the performance of the groups as well as serve your clients more flexible.

Why adopt Odoo?

Odoo is one of the suites for business application such as human resources, sales, project management, financial management, warehouse management, CRM, and manufacturing. The application also offers more than a thousand modules to use for easy business processing. This excellent platform is favorable for small to midsized business. Because of its open source nature, the source code of this platform is available for all. In addition to, there is a community of developers available to bring the evolution into the software.

How Odoo CRM help your business:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a standard term for systems, which manage customer and client relationship. This app allows you to store all your customer and client information in one particular place. Added advantage of this platform is that you can easily update and share the customer information with the whole team. In your team, every member will be able to see the exact location where your company/business last communicated with a customer and the nature of communication.

On the other hand, CRM will also allow you to access the entire customer interaction history. Moreover, it can give you prompt reporting on different aspects of your business. When you have detailed and completed CRM, you will be able to plan and forecast for the future. It also guides you how to approach future customers. However, it will also display where things went wrong when the interaction was unsuccessful. A good CRM will also integrate with your diaries, calendars, and other important events with the client. Odoo CRM offers:

  • The advantageous of joining up mobile, social, digital, and offline CRM data
  • Increase real-time relevance by agile customer service

Things you can do with Odoo CRM integration:

Odoo telephone integration provides handling calls and CRM at the same. It also offers features such as call pop up and clicks to dial that will increase daily phone jobs and ensure everything is properly tracked in your Odoo CRM.  The user can understand who is calling with the help of caller acknowledgment. It will also allow the user to monitor the existing offers and current procedures going on in between the organization and caller. In case, if the caller is not on your Odoo CRM database, then call up let you create a new contact under that call.

Plenty of jobs can connect to unbound call that appears on your computer. CRM telephone integration can increase the performance of sale group. At the same time, click-2 dial functions give the dialing procedure from within CRM.  With this feature, users can quickly call the client by just clicking the field of contact number on the CRM. Apart from this, Odoo CRM integration offers many features such as missed call.

The benefits of integrating telephone system with Odoo:

One can grab plenty of advantages when integrating telephone system with Odoo. These telephone integration solutions designed to be reliable and scalable, which meets the growing demands of business environment today. In addition to, you can integrate Odoo with your business software. Here is the list of benefits that you can gain from telephone missed call integration with Odoo software.

  • You can increase productivity of your business
  • You will also improve workgroup and personal efficiency
  • Moreover, it promotes your brand recognition
  • It makes you communicate a lot with your customers, partners, etc
  • It also encourages user engagement using your telephone flawlessly with the Odoo integration
  • This software integration gives the complete call history
  • It also has automatic update features and call notification function


While reading the posts, you can understand and know the benefits of Telephone integration with Odoo CRM. Hence, you can improve your business growth using the Odoo CRM integration.

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