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Telecalling leads integration with odoo CRM

Lead Generation is the complete process of acquiring the lead and collecting the relevant data about the potential customers to enable a strong relationship. Telecalling leads integration becomes the superior process for the company to easily contact the customers to achieve a better communication rate in extensive way. Outbound telemarketing campaigns is considered as the best way for reaching the group of targeted customers or prospects to communicate the message, feedback along with determining the relationship in far extensive style. In most of the companies, sales reps need to make thousands of cold calls to set appointments or generate leads. However most of the busy reps prefers to work with closing their existing pipeline and the prospects normally slips through the priority lists abundantly without any hassle. Sales pipeline will not be always filled with the new prospects so it is necessary to upgrade accordingly. For example, website visitor who fills your contact form for knowing more about the products or services then they could become the lead to the company. Customer Relationship Management tool acts as the best option offered by Odoo to centralize, manage and track leads.

Why Is Lead Generation Important?

Generating the constant flow of high-quality leads become the most important responsibility for the marketing team so it brings highly efficient well-managed lead generation process. Odoo CRM allows the company to deliver the great performances to enhance the leads that would bring more business meetings and it in turn enables the higher sales bringing more revenue.

  • Delivers great performances
  • Leads bring meetings
  • Meetings bring sales
  • Sales bring revenue

Managing the sales funnel with no effort is helpful for attracting more leads using the simple follow-up on phone calls. Analyze quality of your leads for making the informed decisions so it would automatically saves more time with integrating emails to the contacts directly to application. Telecalling leads integration enables the vast social intelligence to sales process. In fact, it also helps you to attain a great insight about social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to find prospects. They would bring more appreciation with loading the contact data in the address book. All business likes to save more money in the process of marketing so one of the best ways to make the process simple is through Telecalling leads integration with the Odoo CRM. In fact, this is one of the most preferable process by most of the business in exciting way.

How To Generate Leads Using Odoo CRM?

Odoo is the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) customizable according to the requirements with the complete workflow processes. Odoo CRM helps you to manage the sales, accounting, staff, inventory and more central powered solution. Generating Leads could be easily captured through different source such as

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows
  • External databases

Most common challenge in the process is the successfully gathering of all data and track the lead activity. Estimating the call volume helps you to drive the headcount, phone system, software needs as well as the required office space accordingly. When you thinking about outsourcing then it is necessary to know what the vendor will be asking. Estimating how many calls you could complete in the hour is also the biggest aspects so that you can make a good rep with handful of quality conversations. Odoo CRM is widely helpful to Store the leads information and you can automatically release the better automate lead generation process with helpful way to share the information to analyze the process quite easily. Odoo CRM brings you several methods for generating the leads.

How To Generate Leads From Incoming Emails?

Inquiry email sent to company’s generic email addresses could be generated automatically and helps to attain the major opportunity without any hassle. Odoo can seamlessly be integrated with the existing ecommerce websites with the accounting software. Incoming emails could be easily managed for all the excellent way in the amazing way. Using the Odoo CRM, it is much more easier to schedule your meetings as well as phone calls with the integrated calendar. Of course, it is more convenient to see your colleagues’ agenda and yours in one view. It is also easier to see the progress of team within seconds.

How To Create A Contact Into Odoo CRM?

To follow up with prospective customer, most of the companies briefly exhibit giving the business card in the high extensive way. You could manually create the new lead along with entering the needed information. Odoo CRM helps to generate the contacts using the telecalling facilities.

How To Generate Leads From Website?

Website visitor could easily fill form automatically with generating the lead and enables the opportunity with Odoo CRM. Creating the leads automatically from incoming emails is also the convenient option to compare the performance by campaigns, sales team or channels. In fact, it is also quite convenient for finding the duplicates and merge the leads with assigning the right salesperson for acquiring more number of operation in enticing way. Telecalling leads integration with odoo CRM is helpful for spending less amount of administration with more time to qualifying leads.

Benefits Of Telecalling Lead Integration With Odoo CRM:

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the perfect options for boosting the sale productivity and also improves the win rates to the maximum and generating the revenue. Telecalling lead integration with odoo CRM enables more advantage for the business and suitable for improvising more profits

  • Organize Your Opportunities
  • Email Integration and Automation
  • Collaborative Agenda
  • Lead Automation and Marketing Campaigns
  • Customize Your Sales Cycle
  • Drive Engagement with Gamification
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Social Network Integration
  • Lead Management Made Easy

Odoo CRM enables the Telecalling lead to manage the sales funnel without any effort. In fact, it is also quite convenient for enabling the quick follow-up on phone calls, attractive leads and meeting. Analyze complete quality of leads for managing the informed decisions to save you more time in the process. Emails can be directly integrated in the application and suitable for enabling the complete process without spending much.

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