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Just dial integration with odoo CRM

If you are one of the service providers who is registered along with the JustDial mainly for producing leads/business inquiries for your organisations, and then it is the exact app what you are looking for. Along with aids of this leading application, you can also quickly auto capture permit data from Just Dial business alerts in your CRM as well as immediately auto respond permits along with essential data throughout SMS or else email without any manual effort.

  • At any time you, obtain a trade or else business enquiry alert at you Gmail inbox from simply JustDial, lead information will auto generated at your CRM without any kind of manual efforts.
  • Besides, your point will obtain an instant auto-response throughout SMS or else email along with details on your service and products as well as contact information.
  • On the other side, your sales group can be auto-alerted on the creative lead produced along with essential contact information for instant follow up.
  • Since, the entire procedure is done in the form of automated, and you can attain out to your JustDial permits quicker when compare to your competitions.
  • Moreover, as the lead data is accessible to your Customer Relationship Management, you may re-target them through Email and also SMS campaigns at a further stage.
  • It also lead your data has been included to centralized CRM database and no bother though if you delete or else lost unexpectedly the mail alerts from JustDial.


Don’t Miss Leads Form Just Dial

  • Develop each lead count – Any lead those who enquire for your business service on the JustDial obtain capture automatically in the LeadSquared making sure Zero lead leakage.
  • End entering leads yourself – The lead obtains captured and mapped automatically, nearby eradicating the entire efforts of painstakingly entering all lead information manually.
  • Analyze your leads – You simply analyze the performance of your click rates, lead much more as well as succeed them accordingly.
  • Just track your leads – The activity of tract completed track along with LeadSquared. Of course, you can also put scores, conduct follow-ups much more and make sure that you never lose any of the lead.
  • Set distribution terms – You just set different types of rules to distribute leads amid your groups automatically
  • Care for leads – Along with LeadSquared, you care for your email along with email campaigns, follow-ups, drip campaigns and so on.


The ODOO is suite for business applications such as CRM, sales, project management, manufacturing, as well as human resource. In fact, it provides more than thousands of modules to make use of simple business processing. The reliable platform is extremely favourable for the small size to mid-sized business. The source code of this excellent platform is accessible to everybody because it is an open source nature.  Below are few of benefits of Odoo such as

  • Secure modular
  • latest updated technology
  • simple integrated
  • decreased usage price
  • It can highly customized
  • Open source and free to use
  • Really comprehensive

Reason You Need ODOO CRM For Your Business

Are you searching for a cost effective Customer Relationship Management system to analyze your leads? Whether you need to automate your marketing & sales? Then Odoo CRM is entirely web based as well as a cost-efficient method to quickly, and trouble-free track your respective leads, marketing and also automates your sales. You can also easily customize your sales processes for superior sales results.   Here are the highlighting features of ODOO CRM for enterprise such as,

  • Modern UI – The modern US, and best suite for sales activates, can obtain leads automatically form the email, and VoIP (voice over internet protocol). It decreases data entry through simply sending quotes within some clicks.
  • Possibilities – Log, track and also analyze each and every activity of your group instantly through opportunity chatter. Thus, plan meetings from possibility of client and also this permit systematically re-plan the upcoming action behind the call.
  • Lead management – It make a great campaign to send an email mechanically for leads activities. With aid of GeoIP unique specifications you can quickly detect your leads nations, states and also cities robotically.   The Odoo CRM has capability to convert your visitors since leads through simply activating the odoo live chat.
  • Consumer information – Obtain entire details of client like customer preference, address book, historical events and from client such as an invoice, orders and complete due and so on accessible.
  • Interaction – It creates call from browser automatically or else manually as well as reschedules otherwise send mail for failed call. Besides, a pop-up is also produced automatically for getting received calls.
  • Reporting-   Obtain data regarding leads to estimate the ROI (return on investment) of your campaigns.
  • Furthermore, it automatically develops leads from incoming emails. The analyze permits actually and also distinguish performance through department, campaign, channel or else sales group.
  • Besides, duplicated combine leads as well as allocated them to the exact salesperson in the single operations. You just simply put small time on maintain as well as much more time on qualifying leads.
  • Organize your chances hence you can concentrate on the great deals. Just manage entire consumer communications from the method such as through phone calls, emails, meeting, internal notes and also quotations.

On the other side, you need to follow up some of the possibility which is keen you as well as be notified regarding specific events deal won or else lost, new client and stage modified so on.  The odds CRM aids to maintain your plan, calls, excellent opportunities and also conference meetings.  In fact, it tracks your possibilities and also obtains immediate visual information of the next actions, messages and also expected incomes. The odoo CRM meets both incoming emails and also forward those to the exact possibilities, and then the corresponding sales folks obtain the notifications automatically.  Hence, these are some of the major highlighting features of odoo CRM integrations.

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