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Integrating odoo using REST ful APIs integration with odoo CRM

Representation state transfer is software that provides the underlying protocol and character. The REST helps to govern the servers and client behavior. These days most of the web applications are using the web service, and the REST is popular web service. The Representation state transfer provides the lightweight option, and it is flexible to use on a different device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, and others.   By using the XML, you can make the request, and in some cases, the REST relies on the URL. The Odoo web API tool allows the user to manipulate the REST full APIs through the request wizard of HTTP and within few minutes it can produce the result.

Odoo API

The platform of Odoo has more than three thousand free Odoo app, and the organization can use this open source Odoo app to build the integrating sales, CRM system, web presence, accounting, marketing, productivity internal business management,  recruiting employee and others.  By using the REST full APIs the third party application using the particular software you can interact with the Odoo application to transfer their data over the protocol of XML-RPC using open source Odoo. In any situation, the user should provide the information differently, but most of the web service using the REST relies on obtaining the information through URL approach.

About RESTful ARI

The REST is most important types of the API and it designed to take a lot of the benefits of the existing protocol.  REST can use any protocol and the developer of the REST no need to install any software while developing the REST API. The REST takes an enormous amount of the HTTP benefits when used for the web API. Unlike the REST and SOAP is not constrained to the XML but it can also return the YAML, XML, JSON and other format depends on the client needs. The user not required to know the details of the parameter or name in the order.

Features of the Odoo CRM

The customer relationship management is one of the most critical software in every organization. The Odoo CRM software allows the business owner to track their every sale and helps to make the proper decision in your business. The Odoo customer relationship management software can help the business owner to manage their sales prospects, client interaction, lead management and other in the proper manner. The Odoo CRM offer lot of the important features that support for the customer management such as meeting management, sale service, phone call service and others.

  • Phone call management

The phone call management is one of the essential modules of the Odoo CRM. By using this module, the business owner can easily manage entire incoming and the outgoing call. You can also schedule your call to the different client through the Odoo CRM phone call management. You can track the phone call and opportunities in the various stages.

  • Lead management

The lead management is essential features of the Odoo CRM, and the business owner can convert lead into the opportunity and account. By using the lead management module of Odoo CRM, anyone can manage total points by clients of the company. The leads management consider as the most important task because by using this you can easily track the sales of the organization.

  • After sale service

The support module of customer relationship management allows the business owner to help their clients with the after sale service. In this module, a lot of the features are available such as resolution management, customer claim management, helpdesk management and much more.

  • Meeting management

The meeting management is another essential feature of the Odoo customer relationship management that allows the user with integrated with the calendar. The calendar helps you to check the previous and future schedule quickly. With the support of the meeting management, the business owner can schedule, plan and manage your meeting with the clients. You can schedule your meeting within the single mouse click.

Features of REST full APIs

In this module of Odoo provide the various features REST full APIs access to the Odoo model. The features of the REST full APIs includes delete the token, get token, and refresh token, search record and others. The Odoo requires the REST full APIs user to authenticate before the user can use other API. On every call user of API should send the tokens to access the API.  You can also delete the token, and the API call not allows the user to access the deleted token. The user of REST full APIs can refresh the token, and the token will update and also return the new token.

The record is the mediator to the previous model name and if the user’s ID passes with the URL. Then the return record of the particular ID can found otherwise check the domain in the data. If the domain found then the return matched the records otherwise return complete data with the name field and ID. By the search will return name and ID of the record matching the user condition that may be a significant amount. The limited parameter is available to retrieve the matched record subsets.

Benefits of REST API

The flexibility is one of the main advantages of the Representation state transfer API. The REST API provides the nest deal of the flexibility that allows the user to meet their needs. It is meeting needs of the diverse clients, and the data not tied to the method. So the REST API can change the structure, handle different types of the calls and also return the various data format with proper hypermedia implementation. The REST full APIs with the Odoo is used to make distributed and independent of the application on the internet. It aims to enhance the visibility, reliability, performance, simplicity, modifiability of the application. The REST full API is a set of the web endpoint that returns the data some operation, and it is usually in JSON and XML to process by the JavaScript.

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