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What is odoo ?

At previously, the Odoo is known as Open ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is one of the fastest growing open-source ERP business management solutions. Open ERP or Odoo are perfectly featured ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software executed by many institutions across the world. Some significant benefits of implementing and using Odoo or Open ERP are that it permits the users to have Integration, Customizations and New Module development. It also permits you with a successful execution.

Open ERP of Odoo is individually worked for Medium and Small sized companies with more than eight hundred modules for different industries. Other useful benefits of implementing and using the Odoo software are that it is a web base device where people from anywhere can update the details. Some other features which your company can use are Inventory Management and Tracking, Reports, Integration with eCommerce, Point of sales or any particular modules as per the institution’s needs.

Advantages of Utilizing Odoo ERP System:

Had your company used Odoo or Open (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP system? Not means come and search while it is the best option for you. The ERP system assists you to control and organize the company resources. A user can update or change the code quickly with the help of the Odoo ERP system. There are many open source products are provided for free to the users. Anyone would be attracted and tempted to use this free ERP system. It is essential to select the best ERP system that can support your IT system of the business. Odoo or Open ERP system can assist you to organize a large amount of account. Before choosing for such of that system, you have to measure company’s ability to hold the system.

Odoo ERP system can assist you to organize a large amount of information without data losses. An Integrated odoo system is highly supported to the streamline of your business activities. Keep in your mind, that the first element of Odoo ERP will be software that will be free of cost. Take all databases in the system and enter that into a master database. By doing this, you can easily store your company information at the safest place. There are some chances that you will need to install or upgrade the second component. Depend on business requirements and needs; you can invest in right ERP system and train your workers to execute the same in your business.

Odoo Development Benefits:

  • Open Source:

In these days, there are a lot of various business solutions that are designed to automate, streamline and make the method of day-to-day enterprises less struggle. Business resource management, often developed ERP is one such option. Custom and modified modules must have to be op-sourced under AGGPL license.  Open ERP/Odoo are based on modern technologies, and this platform helps keep on changing along with updated technologies.

  • Low Cost:

As compared to any other ERP platforms, the user can get a license for free and so you can permit the bigger portion of your budget for customization and implementation wherever you needed. Odoo has two millions of users because of proven quality and errors free that why odoo quality is always high in position. Unlike other ERP platforms, the user can obtain odoo license for free. It assists you to use the substantial portion of the budget in personalization and implementation of software as per the needs.

  • User-Friendly:

The smooth and user-friendly experiences have been built to assure the seamless user adoption. Full integration and flexibility cover the combined companies’ requirements. Odoo flexibility is such module that can be added according to the development of your business. Odoo benefits are easy to integrate, easy to customize, free to cost, advanced technology, directly modules and highly comprehensive.

  • Proven Product:

No doubt, Odoo is the proven product because of their best features and benefits. There are 2 millions of peoples are utilizing Odoo because of proven quality and error free. Major company reference is EXKi, DANONE, HYUNDAI, LAPOSTE, etc.

  • Updated Technology:

Open ERP/ Odoo are based on the technology stack that is up-to-date. This technology continues to be adopted and developed to latest paradigms. From blogs, the Odoo sites building application is built with the marketing approach to reach out to a wider global audience of a potential business customers or clients. It allows businessman to develop their sites that are usually search engine optimized.

How Odoo Helps your Business:

  • Comprehensive:

While your current open ERP lacks in functionalities which you want to support the business operations, then it is the time to switch over to the Odoo. Odoo offers the wealth features and functionalities with more modules that can be easily positioned to meet your business requirements.

  • Modern Technology Supports:

Open ERP or Odoo are based on modern and up-to-date technologies. This advanced technology is upgraded from time-to-time, and that are capable of converting to latest paradigms.

  • Customizability:

The Odoo software is straightforward to use, and it is also highly flexible. The software of Odoo can be very easily tailored to fit in particular business requirements. It supports continuous scalability and innovation which is needed by business to dominance the market in the today completive scenario.

  • Provides Low TCO:

The cost saving is one of the main benefits that are delivered by the software Odoo. It has low total cost of ownership (TCO). Although higher functionality and better technology compensate for initial cost incurred on Odoo implementation, there are also vast arrays of intangible and tangible benefits delivered by Odoo. The intangible benefits assist you in considerable cost savings for the business.

  • No-Vendor Lock-In:

The Odoo is very easy to install, and you download it freely. There are no licensing fees that are associated with the Odoo, and hence there is huge community merged to these business resource strategies and management tool. Hence, there no particular group of peoples, technicians or developers that control Odoo development, the organization can enjoy any lock-ins by the specific vendor.

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