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Manage your production with odoo

Odoo is one of the open source EPR systems that tool helps to manage your business. This open source software allows the business owner to install the equipment to expand their business. The ERP application has the ability to coordinate with others and it adds the invoice to the customer in sales that can be automatically added to the report of sale. This open source software includes the complete content management system and it has the palette of the page element for creating the customer facing websites. It can access the data modules from the other modules and make it useful to create the internal facing websites. There is a wide range of the features and system is customized so it can perfectly fit needs of every business.

Consultant help for ERP implementation

If you are not planned properly then implementation of ERP is a risk. The consultant helps the ERP implementation so you can hire the consultant for you organization to plan the implementation of ERP software system. The Odoo consultant helps your business to adopt the advanced system and a lot of the benefits from the every ERP module. Odoo expert has high skill on before and after implementation of ERP. Most of the company thinks that they no need to get the consultant for ERP but the consultant provides the best solution to their customer. The consultant of ERP helps the business owner to design and also refine the organization resources planning the deployment. The business owner can deploy the Odoo software with help of the ERP expert and they provide the overview of the Odoo software for the organization.

Why organization choosing ERP software

For the company, the human resource is one of the most important elements. The organization spends huge amount of the money to run and also hiring employees. Every company should hire the employee during operation and thy also spend a lot of the amount to spend for their employees. One of the best options to reduce the organization employees cost. ERP software is the best way to manage your production. The Odoo software helps to improve your organization productivity and it maintains the connection with medium and top level management with the lower employee. The Odoo software helps the manager to know more things about your company and it improves the communication between staffs.

The Odoo software is an easy way to improve the ability of the business owner to do their job with the proper planning. With help of the ERP software, the business owner can easily track, respond and measure to staff for their activities.  The open source ERP software consists of a huge number of the modules that manage every department like accounting, sales, human resources, purchase warehouse and much more. The perfect planning is very important for the company that does not only ensure the employee productivity and also demands of human resource and track supply. The Odoo software not only helps to deal with the current project but also deal with the feature project. The business owner need not spend the time to plan their future projects and the software manage the upcoming projects.

Benefits of using Odoo software

Odoo software helps to manage the manufacturing orders and scheduling, control shop floors, BOM, assist in the organization coordination, lead time setting and others. The manufacturing, sales and purchase department interact to optimize the organization returns and also reduce losses. The business owner can plan and control the supply chain with help of the open source ERP software. The production module in the ERP software depends on the stock management and also advantage from stock management for the production orders. The Odoo software has financial control and also the flexible operation.

  • Production plan

In the Odoo software, the business owner can easily plan your production through the planning menu that offers the calendar view. The user can choose the particular day to create the orders and also view previously planned orders. The prioritize products, purchasing, and manufacturing plan according to rules defined in the schedule and product manufacturing the orders depends on the time. The business owner uses the relevant parameters for the suppliers, products, and others. The organization to determine priority between the huge amount of the delivery, suppliers purchases, production orders and others. this open source software automatically calculates time for the product delivers and the user can also set-up the security for the scheduler to handle manufacturing, purchasing time in the procurement.

  • Manage manufacture orders

The manufacturing orders handle more details such as scheduled date, stock location, and production quality, decide procurement, information of the raw material for production and also operation needed by the employee. The user can reserve raw material to the procurement process and also schedule the plan for production depends on the planned date. The material is consumed from the stock and finish products move to the stock. The production pack number allows traceability of the finished products and raw material easily.

  • Automatic procurement

The order of procurement can propose automatically by ERP software and also minimize the stock rules to configure the replenishment and purchase. The business owner can easily handle the procurement orders in the open source ERP software manually while procuring internally.

  • Delivery

The business owner can define the packing and delivery method. At the same time, you can also estimate the delivery data and define the carries for the price. You can also create the invoices for the delivery and then compute the shipping.

  • Production operation

With the Odoo software, you can manage your production operation. On the configuration of the contracting production operation, this software generates the delivery order to send the suppliers of raw material and then the production order activated.

  • Repair orders

You can manage the repair orders like invoicing, stock movement and others at the Odoo software. The user can view the material utilized for the product replace from the reserved stocks, track the reason for the repairs replacement, quality control, handle receipt, product delivery, and others. You can also keep track of the free repairs invoicing items.

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