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E-commerce solutions with tight integrity with odoo

Odoo is Open Source ERP software, which comes along with a modern architecture. It gives enterprise modules to simplify your business processes. As a business tool, Odoo provides you with a complete web based ERP solution functionality along with more than 3000 modules for both small and medium sized businesses. It includes functionality such as purchase management, CRM, shipping, warehouse management, order synchronization, deliver etc. When you integrate your e-commerce website with Odoo, it makes your website as a most powerful system to manage all your business process.

What is Odoo E-commerce?

Odoo e-commerce is an inbuilt e-commerce solution, which comes along with Odoo. This gives a complete e-commerce solution for you that is directly integrated with the Odoo software. Moreover, it also eliminates the need of using connectors for accessing other existing e-commerce software. One of the biggest advantages of using Odoo e-commerce is that it is Open Source and comes with an inbuilt ERP system.

Advantages of using Odoo:

One of the main advantages of using Odoo is that not all users need licenses for using the software because it can able to handle as much as e-commerce stores. It also offers you more than 3000 modules, which is easily customizable and installable according to your business requirements. In addition to, you can even add more modules when you grow. One of the important factors for e-commerce clients choosing Odoo is that it is more cost effective.

This true because there is no licensing cost and further cost for development is also low as compared to other proprietary software. As Odoo is web-based ERP software, you can access the software from anywhere through internet. This lets management to have a combined view of your business operation along with fast decision-making. Nowadays, you can have integration of Odoo with e-commerce platforms such as Prestashop and Magenta easily.

Features of Odoo e-commerce:

  • With the Odoo e-commerce, you can easily create and manage product pages.
  • Odoo’s unique approach of edit inline and building blocks make the creation of product pages very easy even for a skilled designer or a normal person without any designing skills.
  • The feature of built-in cross selling allows you offer some additional products related to what the shopper put in his or her cart.
  • The Odoo software follows the algorithm of upselling. This algorithm makes you display visitors similar products but more expensive product than visitors viewed along with incentives
  • Moreover, it also has a feature of inline editing that allows you to change a price, fine-tune the product description, or launch the promotion in a single click.
  • You can edit inline of any product whenever you want to make your website evolve with the requirements of your customer

Benefits of Odoo integration with e-commerce:

When you start to use Odoo software integration with e-commerce, you are actually going to grasp plenty of benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using Odoo integration with e-commerce software.

  • With a single tool do multiple functionalities

Odoo e-commerce integration store gives you a complete ERP system. With this ERP system, you can easily able to manage all your orders, products, customers, and other related information from anywhere.

  • Multiple store management

Odoo software provides you the ability to handle multiple stores from a single software. With this Odoo e-commerce integration, managing common inventory for all stores now becomes easy instead of managing various back-end login.

  • Easy handling of multiple currency and company

From a single tool, it is very easy to manage different kinds of sales and assets through the features of Odoo’s multi-currency and company. Furthermore, it also helps you maintain a separate account chart for every company.

  • Integration of shipping:

Even you can put add-on connectors in order to manage your shipping services through the integration of Odoo e-commerce. It also integrated with popular shipping carriers such as UPS and Fedex. Apart from this, other logistic carriers can also integrate with little customization.

  • Plenty of options with payment gateway

For each business, payment option is always different when it is tough to find a solution, which fits all. Nowadays, payment option is all about considering only the customer convenience. They need to give various payment options and the customer can choose based on their preference. Odoo offers this kind of facility for you to integrate and customize payment modules such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, Visa, bitcoin etc.  Hence, you can choose the payment option, which is compatible with your store.

  • Work on the go

If you are one who travels regularly and needs to keep a check on daily documents and transaction, then do not worry, Odoo’s cloud-based solutions help you. It helps you to get a complete access to your ecommerce store from anywhere at any time through the internet. Simply you have to do log in with your id and password. Then, you can message everything at your fingertips easily.

  • Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

When you start using cloud-based or SaaS-based Odoo services, it can help you a lot to lessen your costs. You can also get faster returns and enjoy the benefits of integration of ERP by integrating SaaS-based Odoo model. In order to automate the business processes, most small and big business opt for cloud-based Odoo model.

Basically, there are three types of Odoo ecommerce platforms available in the market for the business owners such as on-line version, community version, and enterprise version. Therefore, you can choose the one as per your business requirements.


Hence, Odoo e-commerce integration is a platform that able to offer many conveniences for you when it integrates with other Odoo business applications. When you are planning to adopt with an Odoo based e-commerce store, you must not think twice because it will surely offer you with many benefits. Some of the important benefits are only listed above. Instead, you can obtain so many benefits from the Odoo e-commerce integration.

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