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Cloud agent integration with odoo CRM

Cloud Agent Integration With Odoo CRM

The CloudAgent is a cloud-based contact center developed to meet inbound, outbound as well as blended interactions.  Besides, this reliable platform is loaded along with basic and also advanced contact centers abilities, involving multi-channel ACD which enable a consumer to engaged, communicated and also initiate communications through email, voice, social media and also SMS. On the other side, functionalities include of IVR operations, outbound dialler, intelligent world call queuing, skill based routine as well as quality monitoring tools for supervisors.

Why CloudAgent

Below you can find some of the highlighting reasons why you need to choose the cloud agent are explained.

  • Boost agent efficiency

The cloud agent unified desktop offers an agent single window access to entire contact center applications like multiple-channels, diallers and much more.  On the other side, cloud agent comes along with advanced specifications like ACD, Screen pop, adhesive agents and also agent scripts soon has been proven to boost the contact center agent effectively through 60 percentage.

  • Obtain Insights

Interaction analyst in the cloud agent is a highly advanced business intelligence equipment that aid you to receive insight into your patterns contact. It provides much more than three hundred reports all around the dimensions of the contact center. In fact, it aids you to answer the question like who is highly efficient agent simply. What is the standard call handling time for entire support talents? What is the hour for may call center?

  • Decrease Call Handling Time

Consumer quickly contacts your center to obtain a reply. The cloudagent along with the cloud IVR you can develop complex IVR combination along with your back end to replay caller queries prior they attain your agents. Of course, an agent has access to contextual details regarding the caller including earlier contact history.

  • Dialer

The cloudagent dailer assist you to reach your consumer proactively. Various dialer type progressive, IVR permit you to define the client friendly method to contact your customer.  Of course, dialler has aided improve agent productivity up to four hundred percent when compared to manual dialing procedure.

  • Quality Monitoring

On the other side, cloudagent integrated voice logger which permit the supervisor to mainly judge an agent result in the context of the contact such as campaign, talents and much more. Besides, it also permits custom to define various weight age parameters available to specific skills/procedure allowing agent performance to be arbitrator using parameters which impact the system performance high.

  • Open API

The cloudagent when finish complete out of box product, can so far be extended to suits your business needs. The cloudagent quickly open API for CDR, CTI and also Dialer permit you to seamlessly combine it along with your business systems for an end to end customized as well as optimized procedure performance.

  • 24×7 supports

The cloudagent comes along with about 99.99 percentage efficiency along with redundancy construct at each stage. The assistance is accessible for 24 hours without fail and for 365 days a year.

How Cloud agent distributes

Commonly there are two different methods where cloudagent delivery such as cloud agent public and cloud agent hybrid.

  • Cloud agency public

It goes live along with the center in some hours.  Of course, cloudagent provides finish contact center over the internet by utilizing web browser. The Public cloudagent needs no onsite installation procedure. If you are just scheduling to 10 to 60 seat contact center, along with the agent delivered around locations or else making use of home agents, the cloudagent public is a trouble free approach to ahead. This agent can also function from any locations by just utilizing the fundamental Internet and also a mobile phone.

  • Cloud agency hybrid

Along with a minimum infra install at your website, this cloudagent provide excellent on public and also private cloudagent. If you are just scheduling single site along with more than hundred seats, or else data security is the major key components cloudagent hybrid is the method what you need to move.  It is also permitted horizontal scaling to any sizes as well as ensures that complete data resides on your website.  You can also trouble freely maintain several numbers of hybrid and also public sites virtual contact center along with contact routine for any to any internet site.


The cloudagent provides off-the-shelf integration procedure along with CRM, analytics and also helpdesk products and services.  If you are mainly utilizing any listed products, and you can obtain begin instant. The majority of leading CRM is combined along with the cloudagent. The whole 360 degree integrations involving custom IVRs by utilizing the Customer Relationship Management API as well as entire call information stored in the CRM creates your CRM central location to maintain your client relationships.   Furthermore, out of box integrations allow customer relationship management screens pop for client information, case meeting and also call control from the single screen. Besides, it is integrated along with analytics engine hence where you can trouble freely permitting analytics reports.  The advanced specifications can be mainly utilized to analyze the IVR call flows as well as call center performance.

What are the issues Cloudagent will solve?

  If you eager to gain more additional knowledge regarding what kind of problems does cloudagent will solve then, you need to go through remaining following points to get the exact idea.

  • Integration

Faultless integration along with leading CRM, analytics and helpdesk system creates cloudagent a high flexible contact center platform. The Salesforce, Sugar CRM, FreshDesk, Zen desk is simply few of the solutions cloudagent function great with it. On the other hand, this cloudagent is highly integrated along with the creative google analytics and also mix panel, permitting users to track calls by just utilizing analytics information.

  • Modernism

The cloudagent is stably enhancing its equipment as well as looking at how to integrate creativity into the platform. Amid the creation, the systems intend to accomplish soon is speech recognition, WebRTC and also vide.

  • Scale- Pay on Demand

The scalability creates cloudagent is a highly appealing platform for any business. Thus, scales up or else down instantly based on your business requirements. Otherwise, a business can select to scale on high demand and also pay for only the feature they select.

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